The OKO House


Energy Performance


Building Elements




Resource Management


Key Energy Performance Targets

The total primary energy use targets for all appliances, domestic hot water and space heating and cooling is for a reduction to a minimum of 85% primary energy use of a standard UK home.

The overall target value for primary energy use is for equal to or less than 58 kWh/m2/yr, with a space heating to utilize a maximum of 15kWh/m2yr for a European house located within latitudes 40-60° north.

Whilst being grid connected for water and electricity, the house will use renewable energy technologies and passive solar design techniques to provide heat and power.

The house will use 100% dedicated low energy light fittings with a minimum efficacy of 40 lumens per circuit Watt. All white goods and appliance will have a minimum ‘A' rating.

C02 Emissions

Target CO2 emissions from the house are for a maximum of 4kg/m2yr which equates to a 95% reduction in comparison to a standard UK home.

C02 emissions during construction, comparative to a conventional UK house, will also be reduced through the pre-fabricated method of construction.

The use of timber construction for the frame and cladding of the house will act to sequester a large proportion of the embodied energy for the production of the house?

Site and Orientation

The building/s will be orientated on the chosen site to make maximum use of Passive Solar Design principles with northern hemisphere sites using large south facing windows to allow solar gains modify the internal thermal environment. North facing windows will be of a comparatively reduced size to control heat loss.