The OKO House


Energy Performance


Building Elements




Resource Management



The houses will be timber clad using appropriate locally sourced FSC timber with registered chain of custody (CoC).

All components of the exterior shell insulated to achieve a ‘U' value that does not exceed 0.14W/m2/K.

Air-leakage through unsealed joints will be less than 0.6 times house volume per hour – c. less than 1m3/hr/m2@50Pa.


Windows (glazing and frames combined) will have ‘U' values of not exceeding 0.80 W/m2/K with solar heat gain co-efficient of around 50%. They will be ‘Low-e', triple-glazed, insulated and use FSC timber.


Most of the perceptible heat in the exhaust air is transferred to the in-coming fresh air (with a heat recovery rate of over 80%). Please recommend specification.


All materials include internal fittings, furnishings and structure will be benign and locally sourced from near to the site of fabrication.

Wherever timber is used CoC (Certified chain of Custody) FSC or equivalent timber will be used. This is will also be the case for composite timber materials.

All materials will have low or no VOCs and be produced by certified ISO14001 manufacturers.

All insulation materials used will have a GWP (Global Warming Potential of 5 or less).