The OKO House


Energy Performance


Building Elements




Resource Management


Thermal Mass

The ground floor slab will be made from recycled concrete and aggregates and act as a thermal heat store.

Renewable Energy

Water heating will be from evacuated tube solar collectors using a heat store and photovoltaic pump system, supplemented with biomass heating in the Winter months.

Electrical supply from mono-crystalline PV panels/ or Concentrating Collector Panels with battery storage,
supplemented with accredited green grid supply.

Space heating will be provided by Passive Solar Design principles, a biomass boiler or GSHP (ground source heat pumps) depending upon the exact intended location of the house.

Please recommend specification for solar collector system, PVs, biomass boiler and GSHP.


Dedicated, sheltered cycle storage will be provided and external power socket for electric car charging.

Ecology and Biodiversity

The house has an option of a green roof panel or roof garden area depending upon the exact version of the house chosen.