The OKO House


Energy Performance


Building Elements




Resource Management



Low use water appliances with combined water use of no more than 80 litres per person per day.

Combined rainwater and greywater recycling will provide water for WCs. Rainwater harvesting will also provide water for garden areas as applicable. Do you have specification information for relevant systems?


Dedicated recycling space will be provided in the homes and wherever possible materials used within the home will be made from recycled or re-used materials. The materials ill also be recyclable or re-useable.

Occupancy Comfort

There are a number of different versions of the house available for different site requirements and conditions. The houses are designed in accordance with the requirements of ‘Lifetime Homes'. The houses will be safe and secure and an Occupancy User Guide will be provided.

Metering and Monitoring

Smart meters will be provided to monitor real-time energy use and production of energy from renewable energy technologies

Construction and Demolition

The houses will be 100% recyclable/re-usable.The houses will be built using a Considerate Contractors scheme or equivalent.